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Saturday, August 09, 2008

More Syndicate Good News

Continuing the stream of good news for the island syndicate, John Edwards is formally available for city attorney of Marco Island.

The ex-congressman has confirmed that he in fact did have an affair with a campaign bimbo though he has denied he is the father said bimbo's in vitro child. (Whether he is the father is inconsequential - recall that these "human beings" support infanticide).

As the two readers of this blog are aware, this blog first suggested the esteem ex-senator, ex-presidential candidate, ex-executive departmental head contender, ex-honest husband, ex-moral father figure as the ideal candidate for city attorney.

But as is customary when truth and/or satire brutally reveals the island's syndicate, there was an immediate response to the suggestion. First, a typical hate/slur posting, and then serial emails denigrating this author. All anonymous of course - which is a practice one finds counterintuitive since the syndicate, its minions, members, operatives, councilpersons and tentacles are above the law ... so why hide illegal and immoral activity via pseudo-anonymity?

Now with a confession to the mainstream media (unlike the paper that broke the story, the networks are honest, right?), the ex-person is no longer being considered for any Democrat-led white house and therefore is available “to server elsewhere”. With exceptionally appropriate intellectual, moral, and "professional" credentials, and with an eerily similar marital issue to that of an ex-city employee, it is once again urged that Senator Edwards be seriously considered by the kakistocracy in ex-paradise to head the rubber-stamping department.


  • Dr. Mario, Re: John Edwards, it appears you were on target again, comments from the usual gaggle of anonymous sycophants notwitihstanding. In a similar vein it seems that the reason for one thousand foreclosures on this island of paradise has not gotten through to our kakistocrats yet. Oh well, I guess they will have to read it in the NY Times to believe it. H. Sarlo

    By Anonymous H. Sarlo, at Saturday, August 09, 2008 4:20:00 PM  

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