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Friday, July 11, 2008

What a Shame?

What a shame that the law firm of the former councilperson has opted to withdraw its quest to become the city attorney. In the words of Glenn Beck, "here is how we got there."

As we know, the syndicate was reelected by a landslide. Hence, the overwhelming majority of island registered voters, albeit from Michigan, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island (and the other 53 states), wanted, and expects business as usual. They are entitled to getting what they want.

But they appear to have run into a bit of a problem. It seems that despite half a year after being reelected and enjoying a 5.5 to 1.5 majority on the council, they have succeeded in doing nothing more than allowing canines to defecate in city parks, can't figure out how to pay for their mess without blatantly hitting everyone up (except businesses of course) for more money, and denigrating a reputable power company (the only one that serves the island by the way). These diminutive actions are not big or fast enough to reach their goal of commercializing Marco a la some sleazy tourist trap in time to run out the concerned full time residents before they leave naturally (as in death).

So, what better way to facilitate what the majority wants than the city attorney position to be of the same mindset?

Additionally, we must be cognizant as to the feelings of our former brethren that fell all over themselves to exult their extolling praises of "supporting the new council" and "we all must get along" and signing Kumbaya – heck, we don't want to be inconsiderate to our former allies, do we?

And besides, who does the minority of the electorate think they are – do they somehow think they are right? The American electorate majority has always been correct, hasn't it? Didn't the majority vote for Jim Crow laws, segregation, the denigration of women, slavery, and infanticide to name but a few crowning jewels of wisdom by the majority – all facilitated by their lawyer/judge cohorts?

What a shame – not!


  • Mario,

    I have a question; If you dislike our government and those that the majority has elected so much, as you apparently do, why have you not returned to your beautiful homeland of Cuba?

    Just a simple question because I'm curious.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Saturday, July 12, 2008 8:13:00 AM  

  • Anonymous,
    Where in our Constitution and republican form of government does it say that the minority must be muzzled? If the minority is not allowed to voice its opinion then what we have is a dictatorship. Which is apparently what you want. Well be careful because you might be in the minority some day. At any rate this minority is not ashamed of his name. While you who have won all the marbles must remain anonymous in your guilt. H. Sarlo

    By Anonymous H. Sarlo, at Saturday, July 12, 2008 4:00:00 PM  

  • H. Sarlo,
    The question was rhetorical and while your statements are true they have to do with my question.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sunday, July 13, 2008 10:59:00 PM  

  • i dislike corruption. i dislike malfeasance and misfeasance. i dislike moral and intellectual ineptitude. i dislike shams and fronts and facades. i dislike unbridled power ... interestingly; these are the same words and sentiments of jefferson, madison, and many more great american patriots.

    And that is my opinion of what is in power and who is running this place thanks to the majority, and unlike 99.9999% of the people who no call marco home after living nearly their entire life “up north” I’ve lived in florida all my life from 5 on, except for a stint in the marine corps (oh, by the way you racists, that is the UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS) that i volunteered during the Vietnam war as service to this great country and myriad other volunteer efforts. And as a refugee that lost the country that you suggest I go back to – that believe me I would if I could, what I see happening here is exactly what happened there – corruption, malfeasance, misfeasance, moral and intellectual ineptitude, shams and fronts and facades instead of honest discussion (oh, yea, like the strp and how I was ridiculed for raising the health issue and the environmental issue, and now I see the scrubbers on-line before the effluent gets dumped in the waterways – you’re welcome).

    Everyone should be against these things – but many like you sell your soul as a parlay for being with the power crowd or having a special favor done for you or your family or of course for your economic benefit.

    and its not like positive things help the goons that run this place. I sent an email long ago to the brutes in power volunteering my services to investigate the possibility of a high school on marco. My recompense by those you love running “your island”? An email chain – not to me of course – but through the annals (should be spelled “anals” in this case) making a racial slur about me, my son (that has never been involved in anything here whatsoever except to make the mistake to go to a city council meeting once and say and do absolutely nothing) and having my civil rights violated by the then police chief doing an illegal background check on me. It’s in the emails – oh by the way – tell your friends it’s also in the records of the FBI. Enjoy!

    Help this bane kakistocracy? If they don’t like you, you get denigrated, besmirched, slurred, degraded with hoary racial tropes. No matter what you do, volunteer everywhere, work for less so as to further those less fortunate, provide a list of 99 positive goals and tasks for the island … its all irrelevant to the good ol’ boys. So what’s left?

    And these are the goons you support? Good, so when they do it to you when you fall out of favor or another set of despots are elected, go cry foul and hope that people like me come to your rescue.

    the majority voted and they got what they wanted. they always do. Its not always right – try reading an AMERICAN history book. So when barrack Hussein obama becomes president, are you going to sit quietly when your taxes double and you get the same health care as in cuba?

    By Anonymous dr. mario sanchez, at Monday, July 14, 2008 9:08:00 AM  

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