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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hydrogen Sulfide State Regulations

Dozens of states have regulated the amount of hydrogen sulfide that can exist in ambient conditions. Namely, the amount of hydrogen sulfide that is allowed in the open.

The following information (the chart was recreated to improve visibility) first appeared in this blog on August 26, 2007 (Important Update to Hydrogen Sulfide Toxicity) and quoted a University of California at Berkley 2006 study - the most recent and comprehensive to date.

(click the image to enlarge)

How to read this chart: The X-axis - the numbers across the bottom - signify the maximum exposure in MINUTES. The Y-axis - the numbers going up the left side - signify the maximum amount of ambient hydrogen sulfide permissible in PARTS PER MILLION. The legend on the right gives a symbol for each state. So, for example, the maximum amount of hydrogen sulfide permissible in ambient conditions in the state of Montana is .05 parts per million for a maximum of 60 minutes.

Note the extremely low levels of hydrogen sulfide permissible in the open air and in such a short periods of time - measured in MINUTES.

Now compare those restrictions to the levels of hydrogen sulfide experienced on Marco Island - over MONTHS.

Also note that Florida is mentioned in the legend - but there is no value. That is because Florida does not restrict hydrogen sulfide - despite that it is an accepted toxin that unquestionably hurts people and the environment.

You would think that even though hydrogen sulfide is not regulated in this good ol' boy state, those entrusted with our health would act out of conscience.

And we are being asked to pay another $200,000 for what?


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