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Monday, September 17, 2007

Measured Levels of Hydrogen Sulfide #5

As measured on Apataki Ct.. Toxic levels continue ...

(click image to enlarge)


  • All this hard work trying to protect us for what? From what I hear NO ONE is going to present your findings at tonights council meeting.I believe Environ will be presenting their first findings. From what I hear NO ONE is going to be giving out flyers that direct people to your blog. I have had to direct many people to your blog. It's a real shame! The information you provide is priceless. It's our health and, the health of our city. I have heard that some politico's have thoughts that tonights council meeting is "not the right time" to introduce the information obtained.
    I sincerely hope that what I have heard is incorrect! If not then the people who claim to want to represent us if elected in January are just as reprehensible as the current governance! I for one am totally disgusted and frustrated.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Monday, September 17, 2007 4:47:00 PM  

  • thank you. i am reminded of churchill's speech to parliment:

    "We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have before us many, many months of struggle and suffering."

    with the utter disdain by the present governance towards the residents - bar those terrible few that suffuse their realism and compromise ethics in their bent to commercialize the island at all cost - their actions and lack thereof are certainly of the grievous kind.

    churchill's quote above was followed by the more quoted one "... wage war by land, sea and air ...". to eject the disgrace perpetrated by this governance on ethics, morals, and democracy would have required a war - a war too few were willing to wage.

    ergo we are resigned to waiting for the next council and suffer the indiginities and the assault on our health until then.

    thanks again.

    By Blogger Mario R. Sanchez, Ph.D., at Tuesday, September 18, 2007 8:03:00 AM  

  • I left the Island on 9-19 to get away from the hydrogen sulfide smell in my home on Banyan Court for a few days.
    The ground water and gas was being dumped into my swale in front of my home for many days.
    Even though the dewatering has stopped, the smell is still in my home.
    I returned on 9-25.
    It is like it has seeped into the fiber of my home, and I don't know how to get the smell out.
    That lingers!
    Angela Sanders

    By Anonymous Angela Sanders, at Wednesday, September 26, 2007 5:40:00 AM  

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