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Monday, September 24, 2007

Orchestrated Ruse that Backfired

History in Brief
By the early days of World War II, word had spread that the Nazis were doing horrible things to the Jews in their captivity. To get at the truth some called for an independent review of the practices specifically those at the camps.

In but one example, pressure from Danish King Christian X grew so strong that the Nazi’s finally relented to an inspection of one camp. Theresienstadt (aka Terezín). By the time the Red Cross arrived at Theresienstadt, the Nazis had built a “model city” as a façade to the camp. The Red Cross “experts” and “scientists” were impressed and left issuing a glowing report. Soon thereafter the Nazi’s resumed the notorious operations of the camp.

The Nazis were so clever and so proficient at orchestrating the scrutiny and environments where the inspections were taking place that they could – and did – fool the “experts” and the “scientists”. In another example of how they effectively orchestrated a ruse, they artfully told the “experts” and “scientists” when and where to look during the assessment at Auschwitz, leaving “experts” and “scientists” to proclaim that the showers were for – well, for taking showers. Consider
Three months after their inspection of Theresienstadt, the Red Cross visited the Auschwitz death camp in September 1944 but failed to notice that the purported shower rooms there were really gas chambers. In 1948 the Red Cross released a three volume report in which the findings on the Auschwitz visit were included: "Not only the washing places, but installations for baths, showers and laundry were inspected by the delegates. They had often to take action to have fixtures made less primitive, and to get them repaired or enlarged" (Vol.III, p. 594). Apparently the Red Cross representatives couldn't tell the difference between the fake shower heads in the gas chambers at Birkenau and real shower nozzles in a genuine shower room.

One of the commandants of the Cuban revolution was sent to prison for 20 years for decrying the murders (and much more) by Castro et al. For years, human rights organizations decried the treatment of
Comandante Huber Matos. To “show” that Comandante Matos was being well treated, the regime orchestrated an elaborate ruse by brining in doctors to perform an examination. They witnessed Comandante Matos yelling and screaming, promptly departed and proclaimed that he was insane. Forgetting for a moment that by spending years in a Castro prison is enough to drive anybody insane, the fact that Comandante Matos was urinating pieces of his kidneys – and therefore causing the yelling and screaming- was obfuscated.

Not in America? State Farm Insurance Company is being sued under the RICO statutes for hiring “experts” and of course the well paid “scientists” to tout the insurance company’s line that the damage from Katrina was caused by flood waters.

Governance of Marco Island
Speaking of well orchestrated ruses, the present governance of the City of Marco Island tried one by placing the “experts” and “scientists” hired to measure hydrogen sulfide in strategic places. Further, the governance turned on and off pumps as if on cue.

Did the ruse work? Apparently NOT! As we all know by now, the “experts” and “scientists” measured levels well above the limits set to protect our health – as this blog has been reporting for months. Can you image what the real readings have been, and would have been if
  • The “scientists” that were hired to monitor the hydrogen sulfide in our environment could set up anywhere, as opposed to set up near a street that had long ago been dewatered?
  • The dewatering was turned on in sufficient force, as has been normal, as opposed to a trickle which according to two witnesses was “like coming out of a straw” and “so weak I didn’t even think it was on”?
  • The “scientists” weren’t directed to be so far away from the source of the second area of inspection?
  • The “scientists” were detecting a fresh dewatering area as opposed to an area that had been in the process of being dewatered for over ten days before they arrived?
To set up an environment to minimize the highly toxic levels of hydrogen sulfide caused by the dewatering process is an orchestrated ruse that backfired – really fast. The present governance is with infamous historical company. Those who continue think otherwise after this performance are living in a willing suspension of disbelief.

Let's see how the present governance's propaganda arm spins this one. In the meantime,


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