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Thursday, September 27, 2007

OK, Now I'm Getting Really Worried

Have been watching all this craziness that the city has given us. Wound up on your site today (been here before) due to an email received today by CARES. Maybe I'm looking at something that is not important, maybe its been studied already, just don't know. But I figured that whoever is managing this blog would probably be the best person to ask this question or possibly bring up this issue.

Got really big questions about Rony Joel's "Make the smell go away machine". This Homer Simpson-esque contraption has been built without any actual science being involved. Can't understand why someone that is supposed to be 1) a professional, 2) a steward of the city and its residents, would make this thing by the seat of his pants. Anyhow, the basic premise of his foolish invention is to remove the gas by agitating it, then having the gas leave the area through this chimney like appendage.

Now I read in your blog that at higher concentrations this gas appears to have no odor. Correct me if I'm wrong, Mr. Joel's machine does just that....increase the concentration of the gas that is exiting the chimney?

Just searched on-line and found that hydrogen sulfide gas has a specific gravity that makes it heavier than air! the following is taken from the michigan.gov website;

What is H2S?
  • Hydrogen Sulfide is a colorless, transparent gas with a characteristic of a rotten-egg odor at low concentrations and not detectable by odor at high concentrations.
  • Chemical symbol: H2S
  • Specific Gravity: 1.192 (heavier than air)
  • Explosive limits: Lower: 4% , Upper: 44% volume in air
  • Ignition Temperature: 500o F
  • Solubility in water: 2.9 volumes of gas , per volume of water at 20o C
So, is Mr. Joel's invention making the problem worse? Is it possibly more of a death trap than a help?

Just Wondering


Not leaving my full name because I feel the need to remain anonymous in this city run by a retaliatory government.


  • the only sure answer is that no one knows - certainly not the present governance since they are incapable of following centuries old practices of concept, requirements documentation, analysis, design, TESTING, then implementation. they haven't done that with the STRP and certainly didn't do it with the plywood contraption (requests to get the above process on that device went unanswered).

    the plywood contraption - now with the new name of "Homer Simpson-esque" to add to the "Iron Maiden" and "Trojan Horse" could have concentrated the h2s at the top. but one thing is for sure - it did NOTHING to stop the spread of the lethal gas at ground level as measured by the "scientist" and by the MIDEP (a citizens group that measured the toxin with a certified device).

    what the "scientist" failed to mention, and of course it would not occur to the present governance, is that air temperature, air quality, humidity, wind speed are SOME of the factors affecting the concentration of h2s.

    go to one of these toxic dumping sites right after a rain when the air is heavy and there is zero breeze, and rest assured that the h2s levels at ground level are lethal. this was proven as such at the last measurements at apataki ct.

    you are correct - agitation of the liquid that is infused with h2s just makes the h2s come out better and faster. like shaking a bottle that has a gas in it.

    since the fdep is corrupt beyond belief, it is better to dump the lethal water undisturbed as much as possible into the waterway (and harm the marine life) as opposed to agitate it and have the h2s harm the people in the neighborhood.

    the present governance has managed to do both.

    By Anonymous Dr. Mario Sanchez, at Thursday, September 27, 2007 12:02:00 PM  

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