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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Why We Should Boycott the Sham Election

First, there is nothing but utter respect and admiration for those few of us fighting daily for our rights. In this we all agree and forever shall remain allies and supporters.

But as with all allies and supporters, and persons of faith and respect, we at times disagree on the means. The end remains the same - the present morally and intellectual corrupt governance on the island must go and their illicit deeds must be negated.

One of the means that we disagree on is on how to deal with the fraud of the if not Plan A then Plan B election.

It is true that if those of us with principles boycott the election, then those that sold out for a few dollars and the city puppets will carry the election.

It is also true that Plan A is a disaster. But by voting against Plan A do you get a chance to vote for or against Plan B - which is also a disaster?

Obviously not and therein lies the fraud. So do you want to participate in a sham? Do you want to be part of the fraud? Worse, do you want to be a willing instrument of cynical disdain that the present city governance has for its citizens?

Don't you see that you are no longer part of a representative democracy? How is it that you've missed that the present city governance has lost its mandate to govern? Convince yourself that by being an instrument of a fraud, you perpetuate the fraud.

Some believe that the referendum is unconstitutional. Great - then challenge it in the courts. If you dare not, then boycott it.

Besides, do we really think that we can have the clout to convince those of no principles to vote against the perception that they will benefit financially from Plan A? Of course not.

Irrespective of which plan passes, the new council will invalidate it. So what difference will this ersatz election make?

The difference is that by voting you take part in the scam.

You have been given a "choice" - you can vote to sit at the back of the bus, but if you vote no, then you must use the specially marked water fountains.

So why are you deliberately choosing either of these options?


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