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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hate Slate Attacks Ad Nausea

The Hate Slate, a band of five remnants from the now-defunct local neo-nazi hate group, serves their daily dose of hate. It is truly nauseating. Here is their history and their latest targets.

The now-defunct local neo-nazi hate group was formulated as an unregistered PC (Political Committee, or more commonly known as a Political Action Committee) under the misnomer of celebrating Marco Island. It quickly became apparent that they were nothing more than puppets of certain puppeteers that sit at the city council and makeup certain big business organs on the island. Their purpose was nothing more than to denigrate and to personally attack anyone that disagreed with the city, or anyone that the city just did not like. In this offensive behavior, they truly celebrated.

Their kick-off rally was a classic. Caught on video, it is as if we were in 1939 Germany. They verbally denigrated a citizen for civilly and respectfully exercising his constitutional rights. The vociferously advocated the shooting of those that they didn’t agree with. They shouted hoary racial tropes at a person of a different culture. The city manager applauded approvingly. Later, they even went as far as to hire a “minister” to slander an activist.

With this instant infamy, their true purpose was exposed. So rather than do the intelligent and ethical thing, their puppeteers merely allowed the group to fade into their rightful oblivion.

But five denizens of this clan persist. These five make up the Hate Slate of candidates vying to perpetuate the present city governance’s practice of denigration, character assassinations, besmirching, civil rights violations, harassment, and outright despicable behavior.

With their sordid history to haunt them into perpetuity (or prison), they continue their intellectually and morally void diatribes in the local paper. Usually anonymously, or at times using their wives to feign popularity, their hate is unmistakable.

Their goal is simple, their purpose clear: No one can have opinions that are different that theirs. And if so, disparage the person, pillory that man or woman, deride the human being. They employ puerile acronyms to further their offending rants.

The Hate Slate are ethically-challenged people offering nothing in the public arena of problem solving. They have summarily refused to be part of moderated debates on any and all issues. They are the henchmen of the present city governance that do nothing more than attack those that dare speak out or act in any way that is in disagreement with the city. Just like their handlers in the present city governance, discussing the issues is not an option – vilify those that dare ask is the way.

Yet through their hate they are pathetic. They use a plethora of silly user names to their spiteful postings so as to make it appear that there are many comprising the Hate Slate. But in their zeal to attack and attack, it never occurred to them that technology shows us that it’s the same five using assorted posting names to promulgate their hate.

And they never give up. Some time ago they attempted to have Ed Bania, local political reporter for the local paper fired. Why? Because he was writing the truth – which of course they did not like. Thankfully, the reporter’s managers knew their obligation as the fourth branch of government and told the Hate Slate to take a hike.

But guess what? The same circus troupe is trying it again. Just this week the same Hate Slate contacted the paper again and accused the same reporter of ethical misconduct!

You really can’t make this stuff up. Can anyone believe that the Hate Slate, run and directed by the present city governance, is accusing anyone of ethical misconduct? Really? Such accusations by this crew have the same moral equivalence as Stalin accusing you of verbally reprimanding your dog.

But yes, it’s true. The ethical misconduct the Hate Slate is accusing the reporter of is that he socialized with some of the people that he covered in past stories. The fact that this reporter’s stories are fair and balanced, and always has all sides quoted and portrayed is inconsequential to the Hate Slate. We trust that this fact does not escape the reporter’s managers and that the allegation is viewed for what it really is: another false and meaningless accusation in a long line of character assassinations by the Hate Slate.

Fortunately it is just a matter of time before these throwbacks to the old south completely disappear. Once their handlers in the present city governance have been voted out of office, recalled, or indicted, then and only then will Marco Island be free of the divisiveness.


  • Yes, here is One

    Ok Lolala, lets just take a look at your experienced and
    knowledgeable leaders. A little research will tell you that Mr.
    Neylon is nothing more then a Master electrician and not an engineer
    in the field of wastewater treatment plants. Godfrey Davies was a
    former Marco Island police officer that couldn't hack it. Ed Foster
    himself has said that he has no experience in the wastewater
    industry, he preaches what he reads and preaches it as if it were the
    gospel. Dough Enman is a Real Estate salesperson and Roger Hall is
    nothing more then a frustrated troublemaker with expeirence in
    nothing. Now, compare your leaders with city staff. Get a life dummy!!

    As to the recall, what recall? Are you speaking of the court cases
    that the city keeps swatting away like fly's because they have no
    merit and the environmental violations you speak of are only in your
    little minds, show me one finding against the city. As to the FBI
    investigation, I hear its a fizzle.

    Tell me pray tell, just where are all these experienced and
    knowledgeable citizens you say are capable of making these decisions.

    You and your group of malcontents are nothing more then sheep
    following people you know nothing about.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Monday, May 14, 2007 7:58:00 AM  

  • Yes, here even a city appointed person.

    Ed�coward� Foster,

    Hiding under his desk,

    Willemstad, Curacao

    You and your friend Uwe are nothing but a couple of low-life racist cowards... The emblem Uwe chose to end his email is below contempt; but coming from you and your friend, I am not surprised at all�

    Hey Uwe; you are now living in the United States of America and NOT in the Bundesrepublik! Take that emblem and stick it where the sun don�t shine. We proudly salute one flag in this country and it has the stars and stripes on it! Many a brave men and women died for that flag and your disrespect is pitiful at best and disgusting at worst!

    Hey Ed �coward� Foster; you arethe worst kind of a coward even as cowards go! You ran away as all cowards do, afteryou have been beaten at your own game several times. You are now hiding underyour desk in a foreign country and continuing to send taunting emails. If youhave any doubts about my being a �man�; I dare you to meet me face to face. Any time; anywhere� Then call me names, to my face� Can you do that coward Ed? We can just stand there and compare�notes� about who is a �man� and who is a �coward�.My �notes�against your �notes��How about that coward Ed?

    You twist facts; you falsely accuse innocent people; you file frivolous law suits; you went from sewers to asbestos to recall to sunshine violations. You questioned many honorable public servants� integrity. Hell, you even questioned the integrity of your own lawyer? What kind of a low-life are you anyway, coward Ed?

    It must really take a lot of�manly� courage to throw punches sitting behind your computer in Curacao! Is Bania there with you, taking notes?

    I am pleased to hear that you have finally found a septic heaven; a suitable place where you can stay close to the effluent that constantly seeps from your mouth. Drink that water coward Ed;drink that water!

    Coward Ed; you have an inordinate fascination with yourself! You must derive some sort of demented, erotic gratification from admiration of your own mental attributes� You are a very sick person coward Ed! Get some immediate medical help.

    I always sign my letters despite your silly allegations. Do you?

    Tarik N Ayasun

    Ps. Since you chose to send your cowardly email to all your friends, I am now giving them the opportunity of a lifetime to read my response� Those of you who want to be taken off Ed Coward Foster�s list; please contact him and not me. I will not take anyone off the list!!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Monday, May 14, 2007 8:08:00 AM  

  • Voters of Marco This Tarik Character is one of the Cities HENCHMEN. Be warned, what chance do you think you have to voice your opinion if you had a problem with the city?
    Please look at people like Tarik Assylum, John Aceri, Glenn Tucker. etc..(theres about 30 of them)
    This is a network of Power and Special interests, you'll get your say next election.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Monday, May 14, 2007 9:17:00 AM  

  • Yes, I agree - there is more like 30 that comprise the core of the Hate Slate. I was able to positively identify 5 repeat offenders in the denigrating and disgusting postings as the same ones with different user names repeating their attacks over and over.

    But you are correct - in total more like 30.

    By Blogger Dr. Mario, at Monday, May 14, 2007 10:35:00 AM  

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