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Sunday, December 03, 2006

To The Opponents of the Recall Drive

In representing the councilpersons you support, your attorney made it quite clear what you believe and think about your city, your government, your fellow citizens and most importantly, what you believe and think about yourselves.

Consider …
Perhaps if you could take just one moment and seriously evaluate how you were depicted by the attorney you hired to represent your interests - via the special interest of the three councilpersons you hold so dear.

In but one startling admission, your attorney used what historians colloquially refer to the as the
concentration camp guard defense. The label comes from the defense used by the Nazi guards at their war crimes trials immediately after World War II. These guards claimed that by virtue of the fact that they were following orders – following the law – and had no authority to superimpose their will on the outcome of any law, they were then not responsible for what happened inside the concentration camps. Namely, what could they do? Fortunately for civilized and reasonable people, their defense was judged to be the sham that it was and punishment was well served.

Back to the hearing. Your attorney used this very same defense when he proclaimed that when it came to the asbestos debacle, your city councilpersons could not do anything. Namely, what could they do?

So to those that oppose the recall drive, that are so endeared to the named councilpersons, is that your moral, legal, and ethical compass? It is your humanity that when fellow citizens are at risk, you sit back and merely decry “What can I do?”

If that is who you are, then continue your support of the three councilpersons and hope and pray that one day when they once again shrug from their moral, legal and ethical responsibility to protect the citizens, it isn’t you that is being harmed.

If that is who you are not, then perhaps you should stop supporting people that don’t share your values – and fortunately the values of decent human beings.

More to Consider
So who did your city councilpersons via your attorney blame for the asbestos fiasco – that is not the fault of the three? Well, “it’s the responsibility of the city”!!

Really? And who may that be? The city manager? And who is responsible for the performance of the city manager? No, it wouldn’t be the city council now would it?

For sure, its not the citizens who should oversee the city via the city manager since – if you recall – we are too stupid to vote on the performance of the city manager, as the torpedoed POP petition taught us.

But wait a minute. Maybe your attorney meant the citizens themselves are responsible for the asbestos problem when he said “It’s the responsibility of the city”.

Well, that would mean you too – right?

You, who support your dear three councilpersons, have just been thrown under the bus by the three councilpersons you support. Perhaps this is your wake-up call – or so we can only hope – for your sake.


  • Contrary to what the city councilors attorney claimed at the hearing about the councilors duty to respond to a ‘so-called administrative responsibility’ the councilors do have a primary duty to protect the health and welfare of Marco Island citizens. This they did not do, which is why the action by CARES was initiated. By relying upon city staff that minimized the problem, due to self-interest, they endangered everyone on Marco Island.

    Doug Enman
    Chairman, C.A.R.E.S, Inc.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sunday, December 03, 2006 6:33:00 PM  

  • and a footnote.

    some citizens (e.g., cares) that saw this abdication of moral, ethical and legal responsibility as a call to act.

    their recompense for filling the void doing the moral thing? they were slandered and accused of crimes.

    what a crew.

    By Anonymous mario, at Sunday, December 03, 2006 7:53:00 PM  

  • Some have questioned why Terri DiSciullo was not named in the recall petitions. She, at least, tried to determine whether there was a problem with asbestos on the island when she walked down South Collier Boulevard with Butch Neylon and Godfrey Davies. She asked Mike Daniel, the City Construction Manager, to accompany her. Butch pointed out the asbestos shards in the fill; Daniel picked them up, agreed they were asbestos and declared himself "unconcerned." That undoubtedly led Mrs. DiSciullo to believe that there was no real asbestos problem and that CARES had been exaggerating.

    When deposed, this same Mike Daniel ... under oath ... claimed not to know Messrs. Davies and Neylon, could not for the life of him remember walking down Collier Boulevard with the Chairwoman of the City Council, and wasn't sure who Mrs. DiSciullo was.

    Meanwhile, Vice Chair Tucker accused citizens of planting the asbestos, Councilman Minozzi's train had left the station (with his brain on board) and Councilman Trotter sat through council meetings with a blank stare on his face.

    Does everyone now understand why these three were the subject of the recall but not Mrs. DiSciullo?

    Ed Foster

    By Blogger CARES-Chair, at Tuesday, January 02, 2007 9:16:00 AM  

  • some will never understand - because they choose not to. a la the lawyer representing the three councilpersons when he asked clearly during the hearing "and why are the other councilors not subject to the recall?" see, its because they dont want to know since the facts will cause too much confusion and deflate the balloon around their world that everything is fine and whatever isnt can be dealt by another generation or better yet "someone else".

    By Anonymous mario, at Tuesday, January 02, 2007 2:09:00 PM  

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