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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Doesn’t Read Like “Fiberglass” to Us

So, after denigrating everyone and anyone that suggested there was asbestos on or in the myriad sites on the island, the City Manager, City Public Works Director, City Attorneys and City Council knew about the asbestos dumping and cleanup all along.





Or perhaps all of these people transmogrified "asbestos" into "fiberglass" as the city public works director now contents in a sworn affidavit to the feds.

Can anyone find the word "fiberglass" in these documents?

But there is proof that the other environmental calamity caused health effects. It seems that after breathing the plumes of toxic levels of hydrogen sulfide that engulfed entire neighborhoods, nearly everyone in the city staff, council, and of course everyone in the Florida Department of Environmental "Protection" is suffering from Dissociative Fugue as to asbestos.


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