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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Regulate This and That

Why don’t we just regulate everything?

Now on the hell train to socialism, the populace is sitting in one of three cars: the car with the people that want socialism; the car with the people, corporations and special interests (a la the local syndicate) that suck at the government’s teat and lobby for protecting their particular scheme (or scam in the case of the local syndicate); and the car with the people that think the government can solve everything.

Left aghast at the station are those of us that have witnessed first hand what socialism accomplishes. We waive goodbye and shake our heads.

On a miniscule insignificant spec of nothing where a true representative form of government could flourish we are subjected to an all-volunteer hell train. At the root of what used to be a democracy is now the decay from partial representation, compromised "staff," the syndicate in charge, and the populace running around seemingly surrendering to the misbegotten hope that government will help them.

The latest farcical debate centers on rentals. The government regulates but doesn't enforce rental properties because the syndicate has interests in the rental business. So the city council fuels the hell train and appoints a rental committee infested with a majority representing a vested,
compromised special interest faction of the local syndicate - the real estate lobby. The people that want to live in a morgue complain to the government for relief. The people that complain about the people complaining express their anger that people are complaining, so they complain to the government that ignores complaints.

By the way, has the "staff" - the local version of Nancy Pelosi - come up with yet another ruse about who/what/where/when cisterns are regulated - the local version of the Speakerette’s lie about what she was told by the CIA?

Missing in all of this noise is the fact that the problem lies in the government, while the solution lies in We The People. Yet there are those that believe some form of government regulation in all but some affairs is required lest anarchy ensue.

And herein lays the problem. The slow, pervasive creep of control. First, the government decides what color you can paint your house. Then the types of foliage you can plant. Then, you can't use a cistern because everybody else in the state is using it. Then your child can't use your pool in the afternoon because the moribund neighbors don't like the sound of children, or find music too loud a few evenings a week - which begs the question since they are moribund, aren't they already deaf? Then we need an exiled audio engineer to tell us at what decibels are the child's playful sound or the music offensive so that a noise ordinance can be enacted with an exclusion exempting certain restaurateurs in such a way that 7 out of the 100 restaurateurs will claim discrimination for they are not in a strip mall that has the offending cacophony hence the need to "level the playing field"
whatever that means though all restaurants in a particular mall are also subjected to fire, zoning, city, state and federal regulations which some therein chose to ignore for they are after all related to the former city manager who was and perhaps still is the syndicate's poster child for having treated us to asbestos dumps, pulverized asbestos not a mile from two schools, millions of gallons of toxic effluent dumped in allegedly protected waterways and entire neighborhoods gassed with lethal levels of a known toxin despite state and federal regulations that purportedly punish such things though nothing happened for after all those are just regulations in a maze of regulations regulated by those regulators that you have chosen to allow to create regulations for their own protection.

Not sure, but is this chaos odd only to those of us that lost a world to universal regulations?

For those still not seeing the effect of how seemingly benign government regulation in our lives is a mortal threat, read Capitalism and Freedom. Therein the role of government is clearly delineated, as espoused by the Framers, the Founding Fathers and those eschewing socialism for a preservation of ... capitalism and freedom.

Since most of the populace is now on the hell train, the train will act erratically, the net effect of which is some more regulation that will only confuse matters, serve the syndicate and get more regulations on the books so as to then compete with the 13,458 page IRS tax code that the local polizia will selectively enforce. Wonderful.

Not sure, again, but what is the maximum number of neighbors does any one house have that can produce offending disturbances? One? Two? Maybe three? So exactly how difficult is it to personally address the problem without getting the government to create yet another regulation that will either 1)be ignored by the renters 2)be ignored by the government itself 3)be ignored by the landlords 4)be ignored by all three?

Does anyone else find it odd that the majority of the populace of this island derides President Obama's actions of empowering the federal government to control everything, but yet are the very same people that want local government to control everything locally? What leads them to believe that a small local bureaucracy is less evil than a big national bureaucracy? Analogously, people decry high taxes and the cost of government but are ignorant in understanding that every single law, regulation, rule, dictum and code costs us, the taxpayers, money to implement, to manage, to account for – and in the case of Marco Island, to selectively enforce.

Besides, do you think more regulations are going to solve any problem? How about if we just ban We The People altogether and have nothing but an Orwellian/Marxist/totalitarian system where everything is the government and everyone belongs to a government that tells us exactly what to do at all times?

The more power you vest in government, the less choices you have. The more you expect the government to solve problems and resolve petty disputes, the more you will be disappointed. The more regulations you request, the more the government can justify their costly labyrinthine bureaucracy. The more you seek solutions from government, the less freedom you have.

What is the solution? Your city government has failed to enforce regulations - good - sue it (outside of Collier County if you want to have a chance at a fair hearing). Get government out of the debate, stop relying on government to solve all of your problems, take matters into your own hands, and convince yourself that for there to be a free people to live in a true democracy, there needs to be less regulation.


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