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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When Logic and Proportion Have Fallen Slightly Dead

Excellent company with an excellent service providing electricity at the fairest price possible.

Syndicate’s Position:
Believes, without any evidence, that Marco Island residents are subsidizing other LCEC customers.

Syndicate’s Initiative:
Do and say whatever irrespective of the truth, to own its own electric “municipality” so they can benefit from a commercial enterprise.

High School Option
Marginal rating in a state that persistently ranks one of the lowest in the country providing a marginal education at a very high price.

Syndicate’s Position:
Despite irrefutable evidence that Marco residents subsidize every other student in the county given that Marco residents pay over 3 times as much per student as anyone else in the county, the syndicate believes that the present circumstances for education are acceptable and fair.

Syndicate’s Initiative:
Denigrate anyone that is trying to improve the education by affording a choice for exemplary education, and award themselves a land clearly deeded SCHOOL SITE so they can benefit from a commercial enterprise.

What is good, make it look bad to the detriment of the community for the financial benefit of a few.
What is bad, make it look good to the detriment of the community for the financial benefit of a few.

(title by Grace Slick).


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