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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Call for Openness

The latest incident confirming that there are too many committees and not enough direct action by the city council stems from the Audit Committee seeming refusal to conduct 100% of their actions in the “Sunshine”.

Every act undertaken directly or indirectly by any aspect of an elected local governing body must be conducted in the open. Namely, open to the public, proper notices, records kept, notes taken, and all material made readily available to anyone.

There must be no exception.

The fact that certain former and current elements of the City of Marco Island conducted city business in secret is no excuse to propagate such malfeasance into misfeasance.

Those on the audit committee, who made the decision to allow silo meetings with the consultant or anyone for that matter, opened themselves and the integrity of the committee to attacks by the syndicate, and instigated questions about their motives. A huge mistake.

For as sure as there are death and taxes, the syndicate and their minions jumped at the opportunity to denigrate and besmirch and to basically do what they always do – slur those they don’t agree with. As we saw at the recent council meeting and in comments to the local race tip sheets, we have already been entreated to the defamation from the syndicate’s puppet sycophants.

The syndicate has a lot to lose if the forensic audit proves what many have long suspected. Hence the audit committee should have had the common sense and foresight to be extra careful, extra diligent and to ensure transparency throughout every aspect of the process.

For the record, the audit committee was formed it was offered at no charge the opportunity to have their own web site for posting all documents, meeting notes, videos, and for even soliciting public opinion/input. The committee declined.

With so much as stake, it is urged that the independent city councilors become involved so as to prevent yet another committee from going up in smoke.


  • Mario,

    I just read your latest blog re open government with which I totally agree---that is why I hold no grudge against those who initiated a state investigation into my lost emails (I still have to smile when I recall one bloggers comment of disappointment that the released files showed no particular relationship with anyone who was supposedly pulling my strings and, for the most part, mostly included emails related to transacting business with paying credit cards, etc. on-line. Nonetheless, I was tainted by the lawsuit).

    I agree with the audit committee’s request to hold off releasing information until the audit is complete, the reason for which is to avoid undue and possibly severe consequences to city employees (former and present) who may ultimately be found completely innocent of wrong-doing.

    Chuck Kiester

    By Anonymous Chuck Kiester, at Sunday, May 10, 2009 1:35:00 PM  

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