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Monday, April 13, 2009

Public Declaration of Inalienable American Rights

Public Declaration of Inalienable American Rights
Marco Island, Florida

We, the People of Marco Island, having found the actions of our government repugnant both to ourselves and to free people everywhere, and having been met with disdain, mockery and mental vacancy from those who profess to serve us unconditionally when we have attempted to air our grievances, have decided to assert what was always ours, what was never for anyone to take, and what we hold to be self-evident, inalienable, and eternal, therefore hereby assert, affirm and seek:

  • To ensure the permanence of American Democratic Principles as delineated in the United States Declaration of Independence;
  • To affirm and protect all of our rights against all affronts as afforded to us by the United States Constitution;
  • To aggressively and consistently demand and seek transparency in government;
  • To improve and further the education of our children;
  • To protect our environment and require that it be used only for the common good;
  • To Expose Government transgressions and assertively request their prosecution;
  • To hold accountable those in elected and appointed public positions, and compel that all government employees work solely for all residents;
  • To demand and expect that the local government obtains and provides only those services that are preordained by the Constitution, deemed vital and essential, or directed via voter referendum; and thereby ensuring that taxation is fair, equitable, unambiguous, and used expressly for these services;
To uphold and employ the Constitution of the United States as a shield against all accretions of power, and to secure the Constitution’s preeminence above local laws, rules and regulations;

Affirmed this 15th Day of April 2009

(written for the non-Tea Party on Marco Island and in appreciation of the four remaining Patriots on the island).


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