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Monday, April 06, 2009

Can We …

Can we have a city government that is fully transparent?

Can we have a "staff" that understands transparency to mean that the citizens do not have to traverse through serial gauntlets to obtain answers and information, but transparency means that the citizens do not even have to search for such answers and information?

Can we have a city "staff" with a mindset to serve all residents, to represent the common good, to put forth with candor all opportunities, to guarantee openness in government, to forswear unlawful secrecy, to facilitate all investigations, and to publicly reject being manipulated by the island's special interest?

Can we have a city "staff" that aggressively seeks out opportunities benefiting the entire community, not just those that promote their agenda?

Can we get a city council that is not directed by one special interest group, and therefore can we get a "staff" that is directed by the city council?

Can we have county, state and federal law enforcement agencies uphold the laws by prosecuting any and all transgressions irrespective of the perpetrators' political connections?

Can we ask Councilors Kiester, Recker and Forcht to hold many physical and virtual town hall meetings? While these three interested and unbiased councilors should be applauded for always being available and embracing ALL residents, there is much more to be gained by all when there is a gathering.

Can we demand that the city not even consider any project that has not been fully analyzed, designed and vetted by parties not comprised of "staff" or syndicate operatives?

Can we demand that the city not be allowed to vote on, or adapt, any initiative without broad public notice using multiple venues by which public comment can be made throughout an extensive amount of time?

Can we have a long term vision for the city, and the strategy to implement same, without it being driven by the for-profit motives of one group?

Can we have a utility, and utility rates, guaranteeing that all users are treated and billed equally, fairly?

Can we ask those with the hidden agenda the simple question: what is the educational difference between supporting an elementary and a middle school on the island, but not supporting a high school on the island?

Can we require that the city be fiscally responsible with a simple change in mindset: determine what can be recovered via taxation in a way that encourages residences to stay and the local economy to grow, and then determine what can be spent? As opposed to the current mindset of creating programs and projects then figuring out how to raise taxes in order to pay for these programs and projects?

Can the residents deemed The Patriots stop blogging on the race tip sheets web sites; stop asking the four syndicate councilors for their input in a puerile attempt to embarrass them; stop crying foul whenever the syndicate comes up with another rape of the city; stop drinking the city water?

Can the residents deemed The Patriots then and only then finally come to realize that solely through acknowledgement does one convey power? So, why keep giving the corrupt power since communicating with the syndicate affords them an unwarranted recognition of power?

Can we then ask the residents deemed The Patriots to start coming up with their own positive initiatives for the three unbiased councilors to champion; and by the same token publicly and repeatedly thank these very same three councilors whenever they prevail, whenever they stand up to the syndicate, every time they work for all of us?

Can we ask the three interested and unbiased councilors to vigorously use the bully pulpit inherent in their office to continuously and forcefully decry the cronyism, special favors, obstructionism, wasteful spending, secret deals, runaway projects and profiteering endeavors that is the present modus operandi of the city?

Can we convince the three interested and unbiased councilors to expose the truth, irrespective of how long the debate takes, irrespective of how grueling the task is, irrespective if their vote is in the minority?

Can We The People save the city for All The People?


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