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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Letter to SFWMD: Septic->Cistern Opportunity

yesterday whilst our call you were kind enough to offer "if there is anything else i can do please contact me" . i would like to take you up on your kind offer if you dont mind.

regrettably, my request that the city of marco island take advantage of the cistern grant opportunity (my wording) has been instantly politicized both by the city and by certain citizens.

i and others are not interested in the politics, who said what when, who is to be held accountable and who is not, the ulterior motives for the city staff wanting or not wanting to pursue this opportunity, and the customary obfuscation endemic to the island.

my goal and of others is simply one of conservation. i am a life-long floridian, that has work all my life to protect our environment (in fact, as part of my doctoral studies i helped design and implement a database of everglades environmental measures for big cypress, worked with nasa/eos remote sensing data measuring coastal chlorophyll levels, and much more ...). all i and a few others are interested in - as to this matter - is to take advantage of an opportunity to save water: nothing more, nothing less.

i have contacted the honorable councilor mr. kiester who has requested that the city pursue this venue. i have made the opportunity public - this is a direct link to what i posted (http://marcoislandblog.blogspot.com/2009/03/grant-money-to-save-convert-septic.html#links) - nothing but the facts with a plea for help.

it is clear that others in florida have taken advantage of this opportunity who are equally desirous in conserving our most precious resource by professionally converting decommissioned septic tanks into cisterns. we simply ask that you help us negate the city's political morass through promulgating the simple process by which to take advantage of the grant and thereby help us effectuate this opportunity for conserving water.

please help us.

thank you once again for your consideration.


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