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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Grant Money to Save & Convert Septic Tanks

There is a grant program available through the South Florida Water Management District that saves our septic tanks for use as cisterns. Other communities in Florida have taken advantage of this superb opportunity.

The way the program works is that instead of destroying the septic tank when the house hooks up to the sewer line, the septic tank is professionally converted to a cistern. The tank is "sterilized", after which rain water from the gutters is directed into the septic tank – now a cistern – for storage. Then, instead of consuming (and paying for) our most valuable resource – water – from the water utility, we use the rain water in the cistern.

Check out these links:

  • Another community that took advantage of the grant and is presently implementing the program: CLICK HERE
  • South Florida Water Management District Water Savings Incentive Program: CLICK HERE
  • Water Savings Incentive Program Quick Facts: CLICK HERE
  • Pre-Proposal Presentation: CLICK HERE

What is the catch to apply for the grant? Well, none, other than the "staff" at the city of Marco Island failed to act upon the notification of this great prospect despite having been noticed several times in the past. Namely, the opportunity to save our septic tanks and more importantly – to save water – has been up to now ignored.

But there is good news. The City of Marco Island still has time to apply for this grant. The deadline is April 23, 2009.

Can the City PLEASE act urgently to take advantage of this excellent opportunity?


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