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Monday, April 14, 2008

Scam Alert

As if the events of the last years were not enough to disgust you and send you screaming from the Island for good, the following true story should finally convince you as to the basis of the exodus that is making the Egyptians proud.

There is a health care “professional” – no not a D.O. for you syndicate lovers – that scams unsuspecting patients using the following technique.

You seek health services from this health care “professional” (HC”P”) and as part of the “new patient” routine the HC”P” asks for your insurance card. You naively and innocently provide the card but alert the HC”P” that your insurance does not cover the services of this type of HC”P”. The HC”P” responds with “no problem, we just need it for our records – it’s the law!”.

In light of the fact that your insurance does NOT cover the services of this HC”P”, the HC”P” requires that you sign a form that states quite clearly “PAYMENT IS DUE WHEN SERVICES RENDERED”. Naturally, you sign the form.

So now you go to the HC”P”. Every time you visit the HC”P”, you are presented with a bill, which you pay. Regardless of the amount, you pay what you are asked to pay every time you visit the HC”P”.

No problem, right?

Well, after about a year or 18 months you get either a demand letter or a lawsuit. For what?

Well, the HC”P” has billed your insurance company – you know, the insurance company that does not cover this type of HC”P” – for the difference of what you have paid and some utterly arbitrary amount. The insurance company – that you may or may not still have given the time that has gone by – correctly denied the charges. Now the HC”P” is coming after you for the difference.

You protest. You argue that you signed a contract that states “PAYMENT IS DUE WHEN SERVICES RENDERED” and paid anything and everything presented to you. You argue that you informed the HC”P” that your insurance company does not cover the services of the HC”P”. You argue that it makes no sense as to why the HC”P” kept treating you for years when you owed so much money? Then you recall that you NEVER SIGNED THE AUTHORIZATION – as required by law – for the HC”P” to bill your insurance company! Aha!! You shout – you got ‘em! But the HC”P” completed the authorization form for you – “as a courtesy to our patients” they claim. But, but, but, but, … “its not signed by me” you scream – the HC”P” had no authority to charge your insurance company, thereby proving that it was all a fraud. And by the way, you inquire, from where did these arbitrary amounts come from – why weren’t you provided with a rate sheet? You argue the account stated legal doctrine. You argue the estoppel legal doctrine.

Irrelevant – all irrelevant. You could argue these facts with the HC”P” or with Collier County trial judges until the asbestos damage manifests itself or the hydrogen sulfide effects have dissipated or until the syndicate gets indicted (never) – its all I.R.R.E.L.E.V.A.N.T.

Incredibly, what is clearly a scam is all legal! If you don’t believe that it’s legal then you haven’t been paying attention for the last two-plus years as to the corruption and ineptitude of the Collier County “justice” and their cohorts in several state agencies. Recall that anyone directly or indirectly associated with the syndicate is above the law. And if you don’t play ball with the good ‘ol boys, forget about seeking justice – you’ll have a better chance obtaining justice in Tibet as a Buddhist monk.

Protect yourself from this scam from the unscrupulous HC”P”. When you visit a HC”P” and your insurance does not cover that type of “service”, pay by cheque and on the back of the cheque write “Payment in full for any and all services rendered on (date goes here). No other monies due.”

Or think of yourself as an Israelite and join the exodus.


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