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Monday, March 31, 2008

Continuing to Miss the Point

The uproar of the month is the correctly perceived notion that the Jolley Bridge repair/toll issue has been seemingly decided by the kakistocracy and is therefore being rammed down the throats of the Marco Island citizens.

First off – for those that have lived here on Syndicate Island for more than one year – so what else is new?

But more importantly, whether there is a bridge or not, whether it has a toll or not, whether the lead up to the new bridge has a median with FDEP-approved foliage (ergo, not native and contaminated) and an irrigation system that waters not the plants but the asphalt, is not the point.

The point is that the new toll bridge will continue the bent by the syndicate to make this island nothing but a commercial enterprise. Therefore, residents are not welcomed, so get out, and the sooner the better. The ruse of the bridge is but an extension to the practices of collapsing property values so the syndicate’s benefactors can buy back the real estate needed to ensure that there is a Starbucks on every corner and serial Cape Marco’s down the beach. Because after all, the “tourists” won’t mind waiting in a line to pay a toll – it’s part of the adventure in getting to their vacation destination, akin to surviving those insufferable queues at the airport.

So, preserve whatever dignity you have left, stop taking surveys that are ignored and used to placate the ignorant, stop writing letters to the local race tip sheets and for that matter stop patronizing all local businesses on the island since they are the primary driving force for driving you out.


  • (response to post in previous article, but the post was in reference to this article).

    This is an exceedingly complex issue for which I will elaborate – but first a clarification on this post.

    I did not advocate doing nothing (sorry for the double negative). I simply advocated to cease the wasting of our time while loosing one’s dignity in efforts that are futile.

    Seriously, writing letters to the editor of the local race tip ship is dignifying? Reaches exactly whom? To the same tip sheet that basically fired the only reported that actually reported the abuses and then endorsed the syndicate when they were threatened with real estate advertisement being pulled?
    In fact, if one reads carefully, I advocated to stop patronizing the local businesses that fuel the syndicate – in essence a boycott. That is effective, that is action, that will work.

    Which is a great lead into the complexity of this issue: for a boycott or any action (and as I have asked, I hope that someone can come up with an idea better than mine) to work requires critical mass. And a unified one at that. My experience has been that 4 people consistently work on the cause, as a couple of handfuls write and petition their government, as 3,000 others simply complain and nobody gets along. Proof: the syndicate got away with dumping asbestos, destroying the environment, harming over 900 people, absconding through misfeasance the city’s treasury, violating laws inclusive of civil rights, inappropriate influencing county and state government offices, and more. Against such power, 4 people working 24x7 in conjunction with a couple of handful of letter writers can’t prevail – and did not prevail. More proof: our side lost by a landslide.

    Succinctly – I advocate the exact opposite of doing nothing – but I take Einstein’s admonition to heart: repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results is insanity.

    Here is one that will surely be criticized, ignored and life goes on: boycott all local businesses except the national supermarket chains. They want a tourist destination here – great – let’s see them live on tourist from May through October. You see, despite the propaganda, they don’t want to coexist with the residents, they just need us until they can make this Las Vegas or Miami part 2 – by the way, both of these cities have infinitely better restaurants at a fraction of the price. And that is why the realtors and the restaurants and the businesses in general support the syndicate, and that is where the syndicate gets their fuel. Cut of the fuel, while sending a message. It works.

    But for it to work requires the vast majority of the 3,000+ that voted against the syndicate to cooperate, to agree, to act in unison, on something that will work, that we have never tried. We have tried letters and the like – and accomplished exactly what?
    If what I propose is not viable or agreeable to the masses – fine. Then someone come up with a plan of action – and not a plan that we know from years of experience does not work.

    By the way, when I received the notice from POP for publication on the blog, I immediately wrote back and begged him to reconsider (I still have the email). I mentioned that we need – desperately need – leadership and thought through him/POP that could be the venue. He never wrote back before his abdication made the tip sheets. If he would have asked me – and he did not – I would have said the same thing - NO. So sorry, it wasn’t me that convinced him to quit.

    By Anonymous Dr. Mario Sanchez, at Tuesday, April 01, 2008 7:45:00 PM  

  • Dr. Mario, apparently not many of the 3000+ read this blog judging by the number of replies it receives. Or if they do read it they are completely useless because they are not concerned enough to register their input. So if your suggestion of a boycott is to work, and I think it will, these 3000+ must be reached. That is where POP and other like organizations come in. They have a large mailing list and email contacts. If they would come on board maybe your plan would work. I absolutely agree that "doing the same things and expecting a different outcome is insanity". That has been my belief for a long time. Sorry I do not know of any better course of action then the one you propose. I will join the fray but the two of us alone will not prevail.
    H. Sarlo

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wednesday, April 02, 2008 3:12:00 PM  

  • While we don't patronize many of the businesses here due to their connection with the tourist/rental/pro commercialization of our island,many people will continue to do so for conveniences sake. I myself continue to look for justice beyond the borders of Marco and Collier County. We have a duty to inform our elected officials whenever rules are ignored and laws broken.

    By Blogger Karen Glaub, at Saturday, April 12, 2008 8:42:00 PM  

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