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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Super Poll #1 - Results

The voting have been tallied and the results analyzed.

96% of of the respondents chose to have their votes emailed directly to the City of Marco Isl
and. Of those emails, 13% used their names, while the remainder chose to remain anonymous.

We appreciate the very many of you that took the time to poll and trust that you will find the results of interest.

(click on any image to enlarge)

Question 1:
Has this councilor been forthright at all times in all matters before the city council?

Question 2:
How often does this councilor represents the best interests of the people?

Question 3:
How often does this councilor represents the best interests of commercial or special interests?

Question 4:
To what extent does this councilor fully understand all the issues prior to voting on them?

Question 5:
To what extent is this councilor interested in all of the facts - irrespective of their origins - of every issue that comes before the council?

Question 6:
Would you support the next city council in instituting a criminal and fiscal investigation of councilor -

Question 7:
If such an investigation yielded malfeasance, misfeasance or violation of any law, would you support an active and aggressive prosecution of councilor -

Question 8:
Overall, do you believe that Marco Island as a whole community has benefited from the actions of councilor -

Question 9:
If there was an election today, and all of these councilors were running for re-election, which of these councilors would you vote for?
The poll used nearly 9,000 data points, has a 7% margin of error and has a confidence level of 96%.


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