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Friday, August 24, 2007

NBC News Coverage of Contamination

As aired August 23, 2007 6PM News.

Of interest: watch a couple of guys walking around with what appears to be a volt meter
testing the air (forensic analysis of the video shows that the device has a label "Gas Acc..."). The workers claim that there is no hydrogen sulfide because their volt meter-looking device registers zero. But the guys and the reporter can smell it. So the reporter has the presence of mind to call the FDEP - and informs her that if you can smell it, it has to register.

Also of interest: note that where once all of the toxic liquid was being pumped into the open (swales, lawns, streets, etc..), all of that has stopped. All of the vents and injection points are sealed and the toxic liquid is being funneled directly into the waterway. Do you see the guys holding the volt meter looking device where the toxic liquid is being poured into the waterway? No - because they didn't test there - which is where the heaviest concentration of hydrogen sulfide exists presently. Perhaps this doesn't matter since the volt meter looking device doesn't appear to work anyway.

The guys walking around testing the air with the device that apparently does not function properly work for one of the contractors that is pumping the liquid into the environment.


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