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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Copper Pipe Pitting - State Study

The Interagency Copper Pipe Corrosion Project was initiated in 2000 to study and report on the causes and how to remediate those causes of copper pipe pitting.

In summary, the 2001 final report found that the primary catalyst causing copper pipe pitting is the presence of hydrogen sulfide in the water. The toxic H2S, under certain conditions, reacts with copper pipes to create copper sulfide – a form of copper corrosion. This corrosion, sometimes manifest as “black water” causes the copper pipe pitting.

Nine recommendations were formulated by the participants of the study. The most noteworthy are the following four:
  • New permitting rules for new wells – the rules focus on testing for sulfides (this blog’s primary premise for the creation of copper pipe pitting),
  • Proposed building code amendments,
  • Existing plant upgrades with state-provided funding to minimize the conditions (elements) that cause pipe pitting,
  • Financial assistance for homeowners affected.
It is unknown if the homeowner’s financial assistance package/information was presented to the affected homeowners. Per the study:

“Local governments should consider [sic] establishment of a municipal service taxing unit (MSTU) or municipal service benefit unit (MSBU), pursuant to section 125.01(q) Florida Statutes, to help finance plumbing retrofits in the affected homes.”

Since all of the recommendations were made six years ago, it would be interesting to determine to what extent, if any, the City of Marco Island’s water treatment plant implemented the recommendations.

The entire report can be obtained by CLICKING HERE.


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