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Saturday, May 05, 2007


There is a resident on Marco Island that appears to have succumbed to a severe case of dementia. This part-time resident who we shall call Bob needs our help and understanding.

Bob, the good citizen that he is, came across the sham referendum proposed by the present city governance and read it quite carefully.

Bob became incensed when he learned that he will not be able to vote on the “Plan B if not Plan A” hoax being perpetrated on the taxpayers of Marco Island. He claimed discrimination! He wrote “Only those owners in the STRP and registered voters are allow [sic] to vote. This is totally unfair”.

Well, well, well. So far, nothing new here. For those of us that have been residents of Marco Island for more than a week, finding out that the present governance has disenfranchised yet another segment of the community and has insulted them in the process is an old and tired tale.

But the story gets better. And here is where poor ol’ Bob’s dementia took him into outer space and the rest of us into convulsions derived from hysterical laughter.

Bob then goes on to say, and we are not making this up, “I am a supporter of the city and its current council and manager, but this is not fair at all.

It has to be a severe case of dementia for no one can be that obtuse and be sane at the same time.

Where have you been Bob? You are a supporter of the city and its current council AND MANAGER? Really? And how did you arrive at that support, by watching the Cartoon Channel?

Because if you have been watching your city council and city manager for longer than a day you would have seen a plethora of examples where they disregard the rule of law, violate civil rights, impugn the reputation of its citizens, seek retaliation and retribution, sue, threaten, make false accusations, use hoary racial tropes and just outright ignore the citizens. Is this the governance you support?

So obviously Bob, since you must be genuine in your statement that you support the present city council and its manager, you must have seen all of these things. And since you witnessed these things Bob, for after all you are a concerned and well informed citizen, then the only explanation for making such an dull statement other than being patronizing is that you suffer from severe dementia.

We can only hope for Bob’s sake that his dementia worsens this way he will never realize that he gave up his right to vote by “supporting” those that deny the citizens that very right to vote.


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