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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Marco Island City Council Want $2 Toll on Jolley Bridge

Newscast of February 9, 2007 reporting of a meeting where an unnamed city council person (now known to be Minozzi) and City of Marco Island "leaders" are meeting with state officials in order to install a $2 toll on the Jolley Bridge.


  • The Councilman is Minozzi. He's also a member of the Collier County Municipal Planning Organization (MPO). He dreamed up this dumb idea roughly three years ago when it became obvious the State was not going to fund a new span on the bridge until the year 3000 (slight exaggeration). He got the MPO to spend one million dollars for a feasibility study for constructing a toll booth north of the Jolly Bridge. He figures the toll will generate enough revenue to build the new span and repair the old one by the year 2075 (another slighter exaggeration). It will be a disaster for Marco Island as traffic will back up behind the toll booth for miles north on 951. MICA's surveys have all been overwhelmingly opposed to a toll booth. This is another case where the Lone Ranger has gone off on his own with his own personal idea to screw us with out any public hearings, referendums or other democratic processes

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Friday, February 09, 2007 2:18:00 PM  

  • I don't want to pay a toll every time I go to Walmart. If a majority of my peers on this island voted for a toll bridge AFTER SEVERAL PUBLIC FORUMS WITH CONSIDERATION OF CITIZENS INPUT; after full presentation of the reasons, pros and cons, and other viable options, then I'd accept it, like it or not. But we already have difficulty attracting minimum wage workers here. A $2 toll each way would be like docking these workers an hour's labor every day. They won't come to the island anymore. I would suddenly have to pay $20 extra per week for my son to go to high school, my husband would be paying another $24 a week to drive to work. Then there are the miscellaneous trips to shop and run other errands. Do the math - that's $200 a month for my family alone. The Goodland bridge will have increased traffic from those avoiding the toll - and there will be those who refuse to pay the toll.
    We already pay enough in taxes. Our city council spends like they have an unlimited supply of money and no one to answer to. The police force of 34 officers - 24 more than this tiny island needs - cost us $7 Million in 2000 and $32 Million a year after a quick 6 years. They are extremely well paid and answer to no one but a city manager we did NOT elect, who himself answers to no one. Cityhood has absolutely ruined the laid back, peaceful harmony Marco used to have. As for me, I'd love to turn back to clock to "island time".

    By Anonymous Harmonyisland, at Tuesday, February 13, 2007 7:47:00 PM  

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