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Monday, November 27, 2006

Entertainment Value


March 7, 2006


FROM: A. William Moss, City Manager

RE: Veterans Community Park as Staging and Storage Area


On February 21, 2006 City Council requested that staff review and present alternatives
to mitigate problems associated with the use of Veterans Community Park as an
equipment staging and material storage area for the reconstruction of North and South
Collier Boulevard. Staff presented several alternatives and City Council developed the
following consensus on March 6, 2006:


Site C is a portion of the park on Elkcam Circle West and along the waterway and it is
immediately adjacent to Joy Circle. The material will be removed by March 20th. Fence
will be moved and the site will be regraded to its former condition.

The City had ordered several thousand feet of plastic pipe with the intent to store the
pipe on Site C. Alternate storage sites for the pipe include:

• Two lots on Bald Eagle Drive;
• A 0.8 acre site that the City purchased on Elkcam Circle;
• A 4.5-acre site on CR 92 (Aviary Adult Living Facility).

Options to sod or plant trees on Site C will be considered.


Site B is along Elkcam Circle West. There is an existing six-foot high screen fence.
This site will be used as a construction management complex. Vehicles and trailers will
be at the site. Valves, fire hydrants, small diameter pipe, and yard drains, will be
relocated to another unspecified site. The fuel storage facility will be relocated to
another site yet to be determined. The site will not be used for the storage of gravels,
soils, asphalt, recycled materials, etc. This site will be used until December 2007.



Site A is located behind Site B and primarily along Park Avenue with a small section
fronting Elkcam Circle West. The site is currently used for the storage of asphalt,
crushed concrete, and soil. The site will continue to be used until the end of December
2006. Most of the existing material at the site should be used by the end of Phase I
(December 2006). At the en


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