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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

POP - Update!

By Russ Colombo
Chairman, Preserve Our Paradise

Marco Islanders:

As Chairman of the political action committee "Preserve Our Paradise" (POP), I'd like to respond briefly to recent inquiries.

History: You may recall that last August POP obtained some two thousand signed petitions requesting the electorate vote on a proposed city charter amendment. If approved by the voters, that amendment would require a city manager's job performance to be approved by the people every few years in order for that city manager to remain employed. City Council disliked the idea of city manager accountability to the voters and, led by Councilmen Glenn Tucker and Mike Minozzi, they invented a ridiculously unsupportable reason to stop the issue from going to the voters. Their claim was that POP hadn't named a minimum of five committee members.

They blatantly ignored the fact that the city charter DOES NOT MANDATE THIS. For obvious as well as economic reasons, POP chose not to go to court (Judge Martin recently addressed the influence of long-time lawyer Tucker in our judicial system). Instead, POP, voluntarily filed the names of all Board members, and is ready to recirculate the petitions to you.

Now, as a courtesy to Marco Islanders, as well as to the current Roger Hall recall-effort, POP has decided to maintain a low profile for the time being. It is felt that, whenever possible, we Marco Islanders should deal with one major issue at a time. POP feels that the effort to recall Councilmen Tucker, Minozzi and Trotter deserves the fully concentrated attention of the people. Accordingly, POP will remain respectfully in the background until such time as it is felt our re-emergence will not significantly distract our fellow Marcoites.

POP appreciates the loyal interest shown by so many inquiries. In contrast with the current city council, POP intends to honor the two thousand Marco Island petitioners who lawfully asked to vote on improving our city charter but were wrongfully denied.


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