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Friday, November 10, 2006


Note: This post is a public service announcement on an issue that is very important to all citizens of Marco Island.

We are pleased to announce that the Supervisor of Elections has certified the signatures on the initial recall petitions of more than 1,500 of your fellow citizens. We have successfully started the recall process for Councilors Tucker, Minozzi and Trotter.

The councilmen have presented their defense. The original charges along with their defensive statements make up this final petition.


Marco voters now have the opportunity to sign this new enclosed petition for the second phase. We must collect signed petitions from 2,100 voters. A self addressed, stamped envelope is enclosed for your convenience.

By law, we have a restricted time period allowed to collect these petitions. It is important, therefore, for you to respond as soon as possible in order for your petition to count.
Once we have signed petitions from 2,100 voters, these petitions will again be certified by the county Board of Elections. Once certified, our RECALL will be deemed successful and a circuit court judge will set a date for an island wide election. We will then have a voice in the future of Marco Island.

As chairman of the RECALL committee, I respectfully ask that you give the enclosed petition your prompt attention and approval. If you would like to donate to offset some of the legal fees and costs of circulating this petition we are incurring, your support would be appreciated.

If you have any questions regarding these petitions or need additional copies they can be downloaded at
www.earnmarco.com or you can call the RECALL HOTLINE AT 394-5557

Thank you for your time,
Roger Hall

Signing Instructions: You must be a registered voter in the City of Marco Island to vote. Your precinct number is on the mailing label on the front of the envelope.Please note that each page is a vote for one councilor whose name appears in the text. Every signature/vote must be witnessed. Anyone (spouse, friend or neighbor) may witness your signature.

Political ad by Roger Hall, 1260 Osprey Court, Marco Island, FL 34145


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