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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Call for Referendum

All civic matters that can have profound effects on the community should be decided upon by the residents of that community.

Such an approach reaffirms a vital tenet of a democracy that up until recently served this country splendidly because it puts the destiny of a community in the hands of where it belongs – with the people. Just as importantly, aberrant political forces are abated thereby preventing the divisive rancor and justifiable bitterness when costly and impinging initiatives are undertaken on misconceptions, outright lies, political machinations and the marginalization of people with opposing views – as we have suffered repeatedly here on Marco Island.

Let's not repeat those mistakes again.

To that end the city council is asked to authorize the placement of two non-binding questions on the upcoming November 2, 2010 ballot:

  1. Do you support a high school on Marco Island?
  2. Do you support a high school on Tract K?

Prior to the election one or two moderated town hall meetings can be held where the proponents, the detractors and the residents desirous in becoming apprised of both sides of this issue can participate in an open discussion.

As there are legitimate questions concerning a high school that can impact this community, the community should be allowed to opine in a formal and quantifiable manner.


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