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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Warning: FDEP at it AGAIN

If there is still any doubt that the Florida Department of Environmental "Protection" is inept or corrupt or both beyond belief, and incapable of protecting this island from the oil slick, read a rare public statement by a lead researcher:

Richard Snyder, director of the UWF Center for Environmental Diagnostics and Bioremediation voiced frustration about the difficulties he's faced while trying to get cooperation from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and other agencies monitoring the environmental effects of the spill.

"They won't even tell us where they're sampling, none the less what they're sampling or testing for," Snyder said.

(CLICK HERE FOR ENTIRE ARTICLE – published today May 12, 2010)

So … the $2billion per year department that facilitated the asbestos crushing, burying and illegal removal, and gave us the millions of gallons of toxic effluent being pumped into the waterways, and gave us the clouds of near-lethal levels of hydrogen sulfide, and gave Highlands County their asbestos dump … is now going to "protect" us from the world's worst environmental disaster since Chernobyl?

Once again, just like what occurred on Marco Island, experts and concerned citizens offer to help, offer information and evidence, only to be repulsed, treated with indifference and ultimately wind up with an environmental problem that could have been easily averted or remediated.

The bureaucracy of the senseless.


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