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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Medley of Island Issues

Tract K
Support for Dr. Recker's initiative to buy Tract K from the CCSB – with these expressed written conditions:

  • that it be used exclusively for a SCHOOL SITE or a NATURE PRESERVE
  • that it be forever illegal to commercialize the land in any way whatsoever (that includes building "affordable housing" – a.k.a. Section 9 housing – a.k.a. a slum)
  • that the syndicate be specifically barred from ever having anything to do with the land

For those still living under the false illusion that a school site cannot be built on Tract K – it has been confirmed with the State of Florida director overseeing eagle habitats that a school site (and a nice sized one at that) can be built on the site as originally intended. Just because the syndicate got the "Environmental Specialist" and their minions on the council to parrot the ruse that there was a 330 foot setback from the eagle nest, does not make it true (in fact it is an outright lie).

It is unfortunate that the high school initiative folks are moving ahead with some agreement with the YMCA. Perhaps when there is a visionary board at the charter middle school, Tract K can be used by them for improved academics or sports or both.

Speaking of Failing Academics
Rand Paul (Ron Paul's son) won an election today. The first thing he said was:

… if he could, abolish the Education Department, get rid of No Child Left Behind, eliminate all federal funding to education and encourage competition.

There is hope for America yet.

"Alleged" Asbestos
Settlement over the alleged asbestos that was allegedly pulverized, allegedly crushed, allegedly illegally buried and allegedly improperly removed must be conditioned that the City NOT pay one cent.

The cost MUST be paid by Quality Enterprises, Bill Moss, Roger Reinke, Rony Joel and each city councilperson that allowed this "alleged" crime to continue. Let this cast of characters fight it out amongst themselves.

By the way, is there some reason that the local "alleged" paper and the syndicate still think that the EPA is pursuing criminal fines over something that is "alleged"?

Truly Befuddling
When it was suggested that the CRA advisory committee be comprised of 18, as opposed to 7, the confused opined that 18 would be unruly, it would be chaotic, that the rapture would occur, that the seven horsemen would ride and that fire and brimstone will hail from the heavens.

And because democracy requires that the masses be placated, even the intellectually challenged and historically ignorant, the city attorney had to make a legal determination that yes, 18 is perfectly legal.

Thank God for attorneys because without them we just can't govern.

By the way, for those that have yet to realize what country they are in, the Constitutional Convention of 1787 was comprised of 55 people. And even without the two geniuses of those days (Thomas Jefferson was in France, John Adams was in England) look what a great job they did – proving that it isn't the numbers – it's the quality.

Another Suggestion for the Trotter Bridge
A suggestion was made that a diving board be installed at the zenith of the span on the new Trotter Bridge. We encourage the pursuit of this idea, perhaps by first vetting the idea through an advisory committee of 36 (pending city attorney approval of course). And those happily spending tax dollars for no rational reason (other than their ego) can also install the now legal red-light cameras as just approved by the defunct Crist.

Does anyone know whatever happened to finding out why the city's outside law firm was the entity that has paid over $100,000 to CRM and under who's authority?


  • Keep up the vigilance and reviews. I love your historical references and I also believe we need to restore the founding principles of this nation.

    And to your last question, I believe Lisa Douglass is the official public information coordinator, but I suspect she is unabled to get an answer. Again, it may fall on the backs of those pesky citizens to do the digging to uncover the facts.

    And you do it all without remuneration.

    By Anonymous ajm3s, at Thursday, May 20, 2010 9:54:00 AM  

  • I haven't figured out yet why the EPA is "negotiating" with the guilty parties. They certainly have enough evidence, if not they can consult your blog to get it. I thought their job was to fine people who violated the rules, so how will there ever be any justice served up to those who knowingly ignored the law?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sunday, May 23, 2010 2:13:00 PM  

  • that is what i thought too the EPA was supposed to do. but after chasing them down now for 2+ years, and the FOIA law suit, i have learned that the EPA is political agency whose primary purpose is to employ people and occasionally harass a private (read: corporate) entity into paying a fine here or there. and of course now to be a taxing agency with no oversight (cap and trade). the congress is afraid of the EPA as i found out - a senator (nelson) and a congressman (mack)would rather have 15,000 of their constituents suffer from unknown health effects than demand that the EPA turn over ONE piece of paper.

    dont expect the EPA to do anything in this case. the FDEP was criminally complicit so the iron triangle wont indict themselves.

    By Blogger Dr. Mario, at Sunday, May 23, 2010 10:22:00 PM  

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