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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Money for Marco?

In case you missed the September 29, 2008 announcement “Florida’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program Grant Awards” by Crist, you may want to entertain how your tax dollars are being spent as “economic catastrophe” looms.

Incredibly true, this author stumbled on the above mentioned “Grant Awards” not from local newspapers (as we if we had any), but when reading a daily intelligence report on the utopia just 20 minutes (by plane) south of us, where the wardens masquerading as rules decried the “Grant Awards” as “institutionalized socialism of corporate debauchery in America” (an idiomatic translation – sounds better in the original language). They ought to know about debauchery and socialism, right?

What is this grant? Well, its only $541million. The funds will be allocated to counties to “purchase foreclosed homes” – purportedly at a discount.

Do you think that the island’s present governance’s incestuous connection with Crist can wrestle some of the $7,306,755.32 allocated to Collier so as to “purchase foreclosed homes” right here on Marco Island? Just think of the economic boon to the city’s one dimensional economy!

Enjoy how your money is being spent!

Florida’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program Grant Awards

TALLAHASSEE – Governor Charlie Crist today announced $541 million in federal funds coming to Florida will be a welcome boost to Florida’s economy and to Florida communities hardest hit by the national housing crisis. These targeted funds will be used within local communities to purchase foreclosed homes at a discount and to rehabilitate or redevelop them in order to respond to rising foreclosures and falling home values.

Grants are targeted to areas based on the number/percent of foreclosures, subprime mortgages and mortgage defaults and delinquencies. The following Florida local governments will receive funds:

Recipient Amount
Boynton Beach $2,963,311.39
Brevard County $5,269,666.83
Broward County $17,767,588.93
Cape Coral $7,065,483.92
Collier County $7,306,755.32
Coral Springs $3,378,141.82
Deerfield Beach $2,005,699.10
Deltona $6,635,908.82
Escambia County $4,565,917.57
Florida State Program $91,141,477.58
Ft Lauderdale $3,700,096.38
Ft Myers $2,297,318.25
Hialeah $5,385,046.04
Hillsborough County $19,132,978.19
Hollywood $7,534,603.03
Homestead City $2,887,009.65
Jacksonville-Duval $26,175,317.48
Kissimmee $2,371,748.84
Lake County $3,136,967.20
Lakeland $2,005,781.01
Lauderhill $4,293,287.80
Lee County $18,243,867.46
Manatee County $5,283,121.89
Margate $2,106,554.95
Marion County $6,324,054.65
Miami $12,063,702.18
Miami Gardens City $6,866,119.02
Miami-Dade County $62,207,200.11
Miramar $9,312,657.81
North Miami $2,847,088.52
Orange County $27,901,772.52
Orlando $6,730,262.69
Palm Bay $5,208,103.79
Palm Beach County $27,700,339.55
Pasco County $19,495,804.66
Pembroke Pines $4,398,575.04
Pinellas County $8,063,758.60
Plantation $2,016,308.73
Polk County $14,586,258.48
Pompano Beach $4,366,156.92
Port St. Lucie $13,523,132.46
Sarasota County $7,140,861.12
Seminole County $7,019,513.53
St Petersburg $9,498,962.31
Sunrise $3,494,985.59
Tamarac $4,772,218.49
Tampa $13,600,915.02
Volusia County $5,222,831.33
West Palm Beach $4,349,546.00


  • Where the heck is this county > Florida State Program, that's getting $91,141,477.58

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Friday, October 03, 2008 10:13:00 AM  

  • that is a great question. i made the query and a spokepersonthing stated that he/she/it did not know but was going to "look into it".

    i suspect its a fund for political cronies of the good ol' boys network - which would mean that syndicate island is in for a windfall!

    By Anonymous mario, at Friday, October 03, 2008 10:45:00 AM  

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