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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Requesting the National Guard

After you read the below email exchange ask yourself this question: did this councilperson contact the Governor's office when the syndicate threatened to "shoot" those that disagreed with them, or when the syndicate used racial slurs, or when a citizen's house was vandalized for writing an email ... to this very same councilperson?

Ps. The very last line of this email is farcical.

RE: Marco Island Sewer System - Robert Popoff 239-825-3278 
From:Iglehart, JonTo: Shoaf, KathyCc: Gaskin, Carla A.Palmer, Mollie


I spoke with Councilman Popoff.  The issue is the political climate on Marco as a result of the septic tank replacement program.  He received a threatening e-mail last night after a 4/3 vote in favor of continuing the program. Councilman Tucker's mailbox was destroyed last night.  Both voted in favor.  Other incidents of similar behavior directed against the council members in favor of the project have occurred.  C. Popoff contacted the Governor's office for assistance in dealing with the increasingly threatening environment.  A local police investigation reviewed the e-mail and did not pursue charges.  He is very concerned that the incidences are increasing in both number and severity and is asking for State assistance.

C. Popoff indicated that he had had a conversation with Dane Eagle of the Governor's office a few weeks back, and was awaiting for assistance on how to deal with these issues.  He had called because of the recent escalation.

An election for several Council members will occur in January, and a group intent on stopping the project has candidates on the ballot.  It is currently a single issue election.


From: Shoaf, Kathy 
Sent: Thursday, December 06, 2007 11:47 AM
To: Drew, Mimi; Iglehart, Jon
Cc: Gaskin, Carla A.; Palmer, Mollie
Subject: Marco Island Sewer System - Robert Popoff 239-825-3278

Governor's office just called to let us know that Robert Popoff with the Marco Island City Council called their office  and said that Marco Island is having problems with their sewer system and they need immediate help.

Can you please call Mr. Popoff and see if there is any immediate assistance we can render?  Please advise status.  Thank you.


Kathy Shoaf
Office of the Secretary
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
3900 Commonwealth Boulevard, MS 10
Tallahassee, FL  32399-3000
Phone:  850-245-2011  Fax:  850-245-2021


  • Mario,

    Again, I apologize for emailing you with my response to your blog, and, perhaps, it is better that I email this instead of blogging it. I am simply too lazy to jump through all the hoops in order to be able to blog you directly on your blog site.

    Perhaps I misunderstand (or simply do not understand) the message imparted by your most recent blog, but my initial reaction is that dredging up this old issue with Councilor Popoff is beneath your normal standard. As you know, I have complimented you on several of your “blogs” in terms of bringing a collegiate and historical perspective to issues surrounding Marco Island, but I feel that this particular blog is inappropriate and wrong.

    You may attach this to your blog site or, if you would prefer explaining to me the purpose of this commentary, I will withdraw my response.

    Chuck Kiester

    By Anonymous Chuck Kiester, at Wednesday, October 01, 2008 8:00:00 AM  

  • hello mr. kiester
    thank you for your input and i always welcome them.

    you are correct - the topic is old news - but the fact that this councilperson went to such extraordinary efforts ON SELECT LAW ENFORCEMENT is 1)news to me; 2)news to 100% of the local residents that i asked on this matter (not many admittedly). hence i can only conclude that it is news to many others.

    and its not like i just decided to put this up after having sat on it for 2 years. i just got it.

    it often seems that there are those bent on re-living the past. they are called historians. and the further the past is from the present, the more arcane these folks appear. but in today's times, where the iron triangle serves only their own interests to the detriment of the ordinary citizen and hence obfuscate, lie, cheat and outright violate the laws of this country - as is the case with how i came across the noted email - historians seem more out of touch, seem more to be at odds with those that just want to "put it behind us" and hence any nascent revelation seems as if driven by rancor or vengeance. it is not - bringing to light something just revealed about substantive events of the past is a virtue. the drive is for documenting the past, highlighting the contradictions, exposing the bias, bigotry and crimes in the hope that those with the vested power act responsibly by first seeking the prosecution of those that violated the laws and by not repeating the very same contradictions, bias, bigotry and crimes. not that i have any expectations as to the latter on marco.

    if the posting is a mistake as you suggest, then i made a mistake - but i will not shy away from it by taking it down. i did that once (and only once) already - oddly enough by capitulating to a request by that very same councilperson. i have regretted it since then - and that mistake i wont make twice.

    thank you once again. greatly and sincerely appreciate your suggestion.

    By Anonymous mario sanchez, at Wednesday, October 01, 2008 8:01:00 AM  

  • Good for you, Dr. Mario, for not succumbing to the "Can't we all just get along" syndrome suggested by Chuck Keister. Why are those in authority so afraid of the truth. If they have such thin skins they should be in a monastery.

    H. Sarlo

    By Anonymous Humphrey Sarlo, at Wednesday, October 01, 2008 7:14:00 PM  

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