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Sunday, October 14, 2007

City Manager, MD !!!

He can now perform medical diagnosis!!!

From: Bill Moss [ mailto:bmoss@cityofmarcoisland.com]
Sent: Sunday, October 14, 2007 10:02 AM
To: mminozzi@comcast.net; friartuck3725@cs.com; terridisciullo@comcast.net ; WdTrotter@earthlink.net; Rob@popoffs.com; councilmanforcht@comcast.net; CharlesKiester@comcast.net
Subject: Fwd(2): Health problems on Dogwood Dr.

Dear Councilors:

The dewatering that is occurring at the below referenced location is being directly discharged into a sanitary sewer force main. It is being inspected several times each day. After two Councilors informed us of the below referenced complaint, Mr. Joel went to the site and smelled no odors. He also talk to three adjacent residents, including Mr. Willmeng. Two of the neighbors said that did not smell any odors, including one who was sunbathing that day. One did say she occasionally smells odors from the adjacent mangroves.

While I do not know what is causing the apparent illness, I am confident it has nothing to do with dewatering of the lift station at that location.

Bill Moss
City Manager

What science! What skill!

So let's see if we get this straight: he does not know what is causing the illness in one sentence and in the very next sentence is "confident" that it has nothing to do with the dewatering.

And of course just because the ever truthful Mr. Joel did not smell an odor during one visit proves that odors are never present. Oh, and of course the fact that at high levels hydrogen sulfide can not be smelled continues to escape these geniuses.

The sad part is that the seven have entrusted the health of the residents and the environment to this banality.


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