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Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Question

Residents and businesses that use the city’s sewage treatment system have to pay a fee. Fair enough.

So here is the question:

Are the contractors that have implemented the latest STRP aberration of pumping the dewatering effluent directly into the sewage treat system paying a fee?

Their contract is quite explicit – it is the contractors’ responsibility. Meaning, they have to pay for it out of their fees.

The misguided notion that “the plant can handle it” is also irrelevant. A car can be driven 15,000 miles a year. That same car can handle being driven 30,000 miles a year. Isn’t the wear, tear and maintenance cost greater by driving twice as many miles during the same period?

Not that the present governance will enforce the contracts on the STRP mind you.

But this is an alert to the next city council in that they may want to start documenting this situation so as to hold those councilors, “staff” and contractors responsible.


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