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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

You Are Too Stupid

In another incredibly revealing statement from a councilperson making the rebuild-my-image circuit, you now have proof that “they” think you are too stupid to think for yourself. We use the semantic inference of “they” since the present city governance has long stopped being one of “us”.

In a factually incorrect propaganda piece appearing in one of the local journals, the councilperson states “… we look for ways to reduce their exposure and risks of future cost increases”.

The “their” refers to those residents that refused to fall for the scam and “lock” in the 2006 connection rates/fees for the STRP. And by refusing to fall for the city sponsored ruse, these residents have in fact left their options open for hooking up to an optional STRP at lower rates.

Everything is relative as a noted scientist was fond of saying. And though here on Marco Island the present governance does not follow laws of physics, economics or … well just any law they don’t like, they do succumb to the relative application of what they think of “us”. They sought to reduce “exposure and risk” for residents that already did so on their own by actually becoming informed with facts and guided by reality. In essence, these residents discounted the lies put forth by the “staff” – a lesson never to be learned by the majority of the council.

In plain language – the residents did not believe for one moment that costs were going up and up and up and had to be locked in at the highest level. The residents knew full well that prices were plummeting.

And what the residents also know full well is that the days of the present governance are numbered – and so is the sham of the STRP.

So … here is the quiz: wait because prices are dropping on a project that will be stopped, or lock in the highest rates? Uhm … let’s run this one by a fifth grader.

So you see, while “they” think we are stupid, “we” will be taking advantage of lower costs – like zero costs when the STRP is stopped when the “us” are back in governing of the people, by the people and for the people.


  • Some good points here. The most cost effective option is to stop this project and all other wastefull construction projects now on the drawing board.

    Millions for a new Police HQ, hundreds of thousands spent for a new audio visual system, light posts every 50 feet(that do not by the way conform to UTCD setbacks - the city is open to a lawsuit if anyone hits one of these things)
    Keeping an overstaffed Police dept. while paying millions for Collier Co. Sherif protection ....the list goes on and on...HELP

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wednesday, July 18, 2007 12:27:00 AM  

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