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Thursday, April 05, 2007

FBI Investigates City Management

So there you have it – no more need be said.

The U.S. Attorney receives a complaint from 60 citizens about how the alleged asbestos investigation was handled by the City. The U.S. Attorney asks the FBI to investigate.

And what is the response from the City Manager? Yet another character assassination of a citizen.

The City Manager says nothing about cooperating with the FBI, says nothing about wanting to get to the bottom of this, nothing said about finally resolving the asbestos problem. Nope – nothing like that – just more belittling of citizens.

And the comedy from the Police Chief. Some babbling about how its not protocol for the FBI to do this. That’s right – its not protocol – unless YOU ARE THE TARGET OF THE FBI INVESTIGATION.

Don't be surprised if the City Manager does what he appears to have done in the past and direct the City Police Chief to do a background search on all sixty citizens that signed the letter so they too have their civil rights violated.

Instead of denigrating citizens exercising their constitutional right to seek a redress, why doesn’t the City Manager and his employee the Police Chief explain why over six months have passed without the asbestos matter being address – except of course to stall long enough so as to give the same contractor that put the asbestos there to begin with more contracts and more money to clean up the mess.

And the city council once again allows the City Manager to demean the citizens. You would think that at some point these seven will get it.

So there you have it – in their own words – what an indictment of this governance – no more need be said.


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