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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

News to the Council ...

(but not news to the citizens of Marco Island) ...

Direct quote from Quality Cities, a bi-monthly publication from the city manager "professional" association Marco Island's City Manager belongs to ...

City Rights and Privileges: In Florida, a city is recognized with certain rights and privileges as such a government. The most important of these rights is Home Rule. The state Constitution recognizes that cities may enact their own ordinances and self-govern – so long as the city’s law does not conflict with the state and federal law.

The City Council is responsible for blidly beleiving that Marco Island can have it's own mooring laws (conflicting with state law), can have it's own laws on toxic substances (conflicting with the state and federal law) and can force hookup to the finance-yet-to-be-determined STRP in 90 days (conflicting with the state law allowing for up to 365 days).

What we sorely lack is leadership and responsibility from our elected offiicials. March 2008 can't come soon enough.


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