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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Marco Island Asbestos Coverage: CBS & NBC News

Expanded news coverage on the 6PM News on October 27, 2006 - Both Networks - Aired Concurrently.

More on conspiracy theories ("... who is playing tricks"). City Manager now admits that the pile in the other lot "... tested that pile and found asbestos fiber".

Notice in all of these declarations of tricks and wild conspiracy theories and who planted what and if the site was ever cleaned properly and now the declaration that yet another pile has asbestos - NOT ONCE does the City offer a concern for the health of the citizens (even with a school one mile away) nor does it proclaimed an extensive effort to assuage any health concerns.

Here is a question for the real estate cabal and their comrades on the City Council: what do you think hurts Marco Island more? The citizens you besmirch for raising the inequities of the sewer project, or your city manager proclaiming on multiple national media venues conspiracy theories and having a bunch of migrant workers with plastic bags and rakes shuffling through asbestos and not once trying to assuage any health risks?


  • open letter to city council of marco island
    October 28, 2006

    Dear Councilors;

    Again we are faced with asbestos concrete pipe shards on Site “C”. We now have a criminal investigation which is promised to be thorough, and I truly hope it uncovers the root cause of this travesty. I have provided all the information as I have to the Marco Island Police and will cooperate in any way I can to see this matter solved once and for all.

    I am, however, concerned, about the proposal to have the original firm that supervised the cleanup last April, supervise this new effort. This material was either planted there by a person or persons unknown, (very doubtful), or it is the remnants of material that was missed the first time around. My expectation is the latter is correct and to re-employ the same company who may be responsible for an incomplete job the first time is less than prudent.

    To buttress this point, AMRC issued their second clean bill of health to Site “C” late on Thursday, and shortly thereafter a Marco Island Police Detective unearthed another piece of broken pipe. That finding was added to others later that night and more was discovered the next day. It should be crystal clear at this point that AMRC is the wrong company to handle this apparently ongoing cleanup effort.

    One additional troubling matter is the totally baseless accusations made by City Manager Moss regarding someone planting this material and mentioning the recall in the next breath. Besides bordering on paranoia, this was clearly a political statement designed to throw mud on the recall. Once again our City Manager wades in to defend shoddy workmanship on behalf of a contractor rather than weighing the evidence and protecting the Citizens of Marco Island.

    At the very least AMRC has shown that they are not reliable or dependable enough to continue with this cleanup. To rehire them will be an irresponsible act and will leave the ensuing cleanup forever suspect. There are two strikes against them right now. This is the time to realize that no one on Marco Island, and apparently none of the firms we have hired to date, have the expertise to get this done and done correctly. Let’s hope that AMRC’s air testing is better than their clean up efforts.

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA), is the premiere authority on matters of this type, and it is high time they were asked to help. It is also high time that you as our Councilors take control of this situation and do exactly that. In the past and even now in this current situation, our City Manager has displayed an inexplicable passion to protect contractors instead of the citizens of Marco Island.

    Ultimately this is a public health issue and politics or favored contractor status should not enter into this decision. You must do your sworn duty, take control of this situation, and call in the appropriate government agencies. Anything less will forever cast a cloud of doubt over Site “C” and your ability to command the authority and respect the office of Councilor affords. You are our representatives, you have the authority to correct this situation, please do the right thing for Marco Island.

    Butch Neylon

    By Anonymous mario, at Sunday, October 29, 2006 10:57:00 AM  

  • Due to the newsworthiness of the revelations contained below, could you please distribute this to all on your lists.

    News Flash:

    The Marco Island Secret Sky Information Network Group, (MISSING), a secret local government radar installation located atop the Embarq Tower (Formally the Sprint Tower), in the center of Marco Island has released the following earth shattering information in an effort to diffuse the current misinformation being spread regarding the recent discovery of asbestos once again on Site “C” of the future Veterans Park.

    MISSING has confirmed that on July 4, 2006 at precisely 10:10 pm, under the cover of local fireworks displays, three interstellar cursers from the Planet Borqe in the Exacersian Galaxy made an emergency landing on Site “C”. They were on the Island for only 121 milliseconds while repairs we made to their command vessel’s septic system, and then they immediately launched back into space utilizing their extremely powerful anti magnetic gravitron engines.

    Now with the revelation that pieces of asbestos have been discovered on Site “C”, (Not to be confused with Area-51), MISSING has decided to release the details of this Borque landing in an effort to explain how these asbestos chards came to be on Site “C”.

    MISSING spokesperson, Imma N. Idiot told this reporter earlier today that Borque Interstellar Cruisers use broken pieces of Asbestos Cement Pipe as heat shields and since they can travel at up to one thousand times the speed of light, sometimes these AC Pipe pieces will loosen up. Idiot then went on to say it is obvious that the finding of this material below the surface of Site “C” mere months after it was certified clean by AMRC, can only be caused by the pressure of the anti magnetic gravitron engines pushing the loose pieces from the cruisers heat shield into the surface of Site “C”.

    AMRC was not available for comment, but Marco Island City Manager Bill Moss said upon reading the MISSING report, “I knew it was planted, didn’t I say that on TV? We are going to make every effort to recover the cleanup costs associated with this new discovery directly from the Borquen Treasury.” After a short discussion with Idiot, Moss went on to say that since the Exacersian Galaxy is more than ten thousand light years from Marco, payment might be delayed an eon or two, much the same as with QE.

    For the Marco Island Daily Dud;

    Dulie Noted

    By Anonymous Dulie Noted, at Tuesday, October 31, 2006 8:26:00 AM  

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