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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Self-Serving Phonies?

During the heydays of the City of Marco Island corruption (and some would argue that nothing has changed), there was a handful of activists that were exposing the shenanigans by the City elite, "staff", councilors and assorted miscreants. Namely, the mob that has come to be known as the syndicate.

A couple of us revolutionaries approached many groups and civic organizations soliciting their support – support to merely decry the pollution, contamination, lies and frauds being perpetrated by the syndicate. All of the groups politely or rudely denied, citing their esteemed relationship with the City (the polite responders) or citing that they were in fact complicit in the racket (the rude responders).

One of those groups we approached was the Contractors. Later, we approached them anew in order to have a volume price for converting septic tanks to the state/county-approved cisterns. Citing the City's animosity to people saving their septic tanks and saving water and saving money, the Contractors refused to get involved. (The only two working cisterns on the island were built by out-of-area contractors.)

Very few people cared then, no one cares now – it's all buried in the past – akin to the asbestos still buried under Veterans Park.

So now, when the shuffling of City building inspectors may impact their business, the Marco Island Contractors – the same group of fine folks that build those fine structures on the island (just ask the Daytons how good at building these people are) – now they are concerned, and want to organize. And naturally want our support!?

To wit, this anonymous email
Marco Contractors Group: If you are a Marco Island contractor or have dealings with the Marco Island Building Services Department, you need to be aware of personnel changes proposed by the City Manager which may have a significant impact on your business. Our understanding is that the plan is to merge the Marco Island Building Services Department with that of Collier County. Our current inspectors will become Collier County employees, work out of the Collier County office, and cover Collier County inspections in addition to Marco Island. As the current Building Services Department works well, we feel it is imperative to become active participants in any plans to modify its current structure. If you would like to have a voice in this critical component of our business, please send your email address to MarcoContractors@aol.com. No names are necessary, only your email address, which will remain confidential. This contact information will facilitate this forum to share our concerns and suggestions.

The author refused to identify himself/herself/itself.

Oh, and they want to remain anonymous so they can continue to suck at the teat of the City lest their permits get "delayed".

What a bunch of phonies.


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