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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Amateur Boxing on Marco Joins Amateur Everything Else

Amateur Boxing is now on Marco Island … joining the following list of amateur events:

  • Amateur City Governance (a la Tucker, Walduck, Minozzi, Trotter, Gibon, Kiester, Etc...)
  • Amateur City Management (plethora of city managers a la Moss, et. al.)
  • Amateur Project Supervision:
    • STRP: Septic Tank Replacement Programs (Screw The Resident Public)
    • South Collier Blvd
    • Storm Water Runoff (who knew it rains in South Florida!)
    • Etc…
  • Amateur Environmental Stewardship:
    • Asbestos dumping, crushing, pulverizing, burying, remediation
    • Millions of gallons of noxious effluent pumped into Gulf of Mexico and waterways
    • Releasing lethal-levels of toxic gas upon entire neighborhoods
    • Dead marsh on San Marco Rd.
    • No cisterns (except 2)
    • No reuse water
    • Etc…
  • Amateur Financial Management:
    • $400,000,000 in debt and counting
    • Only means by which to raise revenue? Tax empty lots and raise water rates
    • Serial tax increases
  • Amateur Arts:
    • "Blue Man" – the $10,000 statute
    • Art League ??
  • Amateur Adherence to Federal Laws:
    • Violate Clean Air Act
    • Violate Clean Water Act
  • Amateur Constitutional Awareness:
    • Violate First Amendment of U.S. Constitution
      • "Chief" removes speaker from podium for disagreeing with the sleazy, behind-the-scenes manner by which the syndicate named city hall
      • Defamation Lawsuit
    • Violate Fifth Amendment of U.S. Constitution
      • Crush septic tanks without compensation
  • Amateur Restaurants (except Dunkin Donuts & Subways)
  • Amateur Code Enforcement Board (obvious)

Inarguably, the Amateur Boxing will be infinitely better.


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